MAD Meetup 2023 – Fueling Growth & Impact

By: MAD Wealth
December 4 2023
MAD Wealth

“Making A Difference” Beyond Business

Gear up as we take you on the MAD Meetup 2023 journey

– Our ‘FIRST EVER’ Team Retreat marked the moment when we ditched the virtual for the real deal in the Philippines for an explosive blend of growth, camaraderie, and a splash of impact-driven activities. It was the first time the majority of our team met face-to-face, amplifying the significance of every shared experience.

Let’s dive into the action-packed highlights, from the thrilling first meeting to the impactful projects, workshops, and unforgettable wrap-up moments.

Ready for a sneak peek into the MAD-ness? Buckle up and continue reading as we give you the details of our retreat story!

Igniting Growth

The Vital Role of Our Retreat

In the world of virtual work, the MAD Meetup 2023 is our game-changer, moving us from pixels to real relationships. It’s a boost for our careers and not just a break from screens. Meeting face-to-face in the Philippines sparked ideas and a better understanding of each other’s strengths, fostering genuine collaboration.

Beyond that, the retreat breathed life into our core values—Human Heart, Good Change, Daringly Bold, and Passionate Play.

The retreat was a collision of our professional and personal worlds that enriched the MAD Wealth narrative through impactful actions—forging personal connections and leaving a positive mark on the communities we’ve touched.

MAD Magic

Beyond the Home Office for the First Time

Our co-founders, Amar Latif and Karla Hourigan, stirred up anticipation as they waited for the rest of the team to arrive at the Savoy Hotel Manila. On Thursday afternoon on the 22nd of November, the Team PH checked in and went straight to The Poolside of the hotel to meet them. For the very first time, the MAD Wealth crew transitioned from digital screens at home to shared spaces and hugs, welcoming each other to the first-ever Annual Retreat.

Amar and Karla shared gift bags of goodies all the way from Australia. Little did they know the team had been secretly preparing gifts for them as well. It was a shared moment of surprise that strengthened the team’s bond and added an extra layer of community.

As daylight faded, the magic continued at a KTV bar—a perfect encore marked by shared songs, good food, and genuine excitement. The icebreaker of all icebreakers, laughter echoed, and the joy of being together was evident as we reveled in the shared experience.

That’s a MAD way to kick off the retreat!

The Getaway Spot

A Haven for Connection & Innovation

Nestled in a peaceful coastal spot in La Union, The Reef House Bacnotan stands as MAD Wealth’s retreat haven, offering more than just a scenic backdrop. It is surrounded by nature’s embrace and calming ocean breeze, transforming this coastal retreat into a sanctuary where the team’s collaborative energy harmonises with tranquility.

Upon arrival at the resort on Day 2, we were welcomed with a delectable dinner experience. An inviting pool also offered moments of refreshing relaxation and bonding.

The exclusivity of this ideal spot enhanced the impact of our workshops and team-building activities. It also assisted in fostering genuine associations, breaking down the barriers of formal office “or home office” settings, and creating a culture of openness and collaboration that extends far beyond the retreat’s duration.

Projects that Leave an Impression

Impact in Action

MAD Wealth’s commitment to making a difference extends beyond financial strategies. It’s embedded in actions that resonate within communities.

As part of the B1G1 initiative, documented in MAD Wealth’s impactful journey, our MAD Meetup became a vehicle for these commitments to come to life.

During the retreat, the team embarked on a transformative journey to two chosen projects under the Gawad Kalinga program: the Enchanted Forest Farm in Bulacan and a Feeding Program for the children.

At the Enchanted Forest Farm, the team delved into the intricacies of sustainable farming, understanding how it empowers families to create not just a livelihood but a sustainable and profitable one.

The impact extended to the Feeding Program, where over 100 children enjoyed a hearty meal and a day filled with joy. Collaborating with Gawad Kalinga facilitators, the team cooked healthy chicken tinola for the children, shared laughter through games, and brought smiles with heartfelt gift-giving.

Beyond the tangible activities, what’s truly remarkable is the essence of becoming difference-makers within these communities. MAD Wealth doesn’t just contribute; we actively participate, learn, and create lasting impacts.

Workshops that Transcend

Nurturing Core Values & Inspiring Ideas

The workshops during the MAD Meetup 2023 were the heartbeat of MAD Wealth’s commitment to growth and impact.

By dedicating time to delve into the core values—Human Heart, Good Change, Daringly Bold, and Passionate Play— the team reaffirms the essence of its identity. These values serve as the compass guiding the company’s endeavours, shaping strategies and a culture that resonates with authenticity.

In the context of the retreat, reflecting on these values became a powerful catalyst for fostering stronger working relationships. These core values instill empathy, openness to change, bold innovation, and a passionate approach to work.

As the team collectively embraced these values, the retreat became a transformative experience, solidifying professional relationships and a shared commitment to a purpose-driven journey.

Fun Activities

The Joyful Essence of our Retreat

Integrating fun activities into the Annual Retreat deliberately fosters teamwork, communication, and a shared spirit of joy, going beyond mere leisure. These activities became an avenue for team members to step outside our traditional roles, encouraging a dynamic and holistic understanding of each other.

In the world of virtual work, where collaboration is paramount, these lighthearted moments served as a foundation for strengthened professional bonds.

The assortment of games, including Pinoy Henyo, Pictionary Telephone, Tug of War, and the Minefield Obstacle Game, carries profound relevance to the team’s work dynamics. Beyond the laughter and togetherness, each game imparts valuable lessons.

Pinoy Henyo honed communication skills, Pictionary Telephone stimulated creativity and interpretation, Tug of War exemplified collaborative effort, and the Minefield Obstacle Game underscored the importance of leadership, clear communication, and trust.

As the team engaged in these activities, we extracted practical insights applicable to the intricacies of our daily work, creating a lasting synergy that transcends the boundaries of the retreat itself.

From Retreat to Reality

Reflections & Visions for the Future

As the sun dawned on the final day of MAD Meetup 2023, team members woke up with a mix of nostalgia and gratitude after the vibrant wrap-up party the night before and felt the lasting impact that marked the culmination of the journey.

The kinship forged during the retreat echoed through shared laughter and memories, creating a lasting imprint on the hearts of everyone.

The bittersweet farewell in Manila became a poignant moment, filled with heartfelt goodbyes and promises to carry the retreat’s spirit into their daily work.

Upon returning home, the retreat’s impact reverberated as reflections set in. The experiences, lessons, and connections became a foundation for future plans.

Envisioning more annual retreats, the team aspires to strengthen bonds even further, fostering an environment where collaboration and shared growth become ingrained in the company’s culture.


Beyond the Retreat & Towards Boundless Stories

In this journey through MAD Meetup 2023, we witnessed more than just a series of events: we witnessed a transformation.

From the heart of the company’s core values to the impactful projects, engaging workshops, and joy-filled activities, every facet of the retreat contributed to a collective growth that transcends the confines of a work organisational setting.

As we bid farewell to this retreat’s story, the essence lingers—a testament to the power of intentional gatherings.

MAD Wealth’s journey isn’t just an isolated narrative; it’s an invitation for businesses and companies to embark on their transformative retreats. Beyond the metrics of success, these retreats become the fertile grounds where relationships deepen, values amplify, and the trajectory of a company’s impact extends far beyond the boardroom or “virtual room”.

The conclusion of this retreat marks a call for more businesses to invest in the richness of shared experiences, fostering a culture where every retreat becomes a stepping stone to a brighter, more interconnected future, truly #MakingADifference.

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